Some of the most exquisite music in Luigi Rossi’s opera Il Palazzo Incantato di Atlante is presented in this program. The opera premiered in 1642 at the Teatro alle Quattro Fontane in Palazzo Barberini based on the libretto by Giulio Rospigliosi, the future Pope Clement IX, who was inspired by the well known episodes of Orlando Furioso by Ariosto (the 500th anniversary of the first publication is in 2016). The exceptional cast of the premier featured Marc’Antonio Pasqualini in the role of the “lover warrior” Bradamante.

The musical structure of the opera (which lasted about 7 hours) is formed of lengthy recitatives in the recitar cantando style, ballets and dances, choruses and madrigals in 8 and 10 voices and numerous closed forms: the first embryonic manifestations of the aria. Indeed there are to be found the tempest arias, the arias of wrath, laments with a basso ostinato and trumpet arias that will go on to characterize the musical structure in opera for most of the rest of the century.


foto sezione definitiva 1Program:

Prologue, Pittura’s Aria “Vaghi Rivi”

Act I scene 3, Bradamante’s lament “Sol per breve momento”

Act I scene 10, Fiordiligi’s Aria “Se mi toglie ria sventura”

Act I scene 12, Sinfonia

Act I scene 15, Ballo di fantasme (Dance of the ghosts)

Act II scene 7, Prasildo’s Recitative and Aria “S’avvien che s’adiri”

Act II scene 10, Angelica’s Recitative and Aria “Qual si sia”

Act II scene 9, Bradamante’s Recitative “Dove mi spinge amor”

Act II scene 13, I Astolfo’s Aria “Non tra i fiori”

Act III scene 6, Sinfonia

Act III scene 7 Marfisa’s Aria “Si tocchi tamburo”

Finale L’Avignone, Corrente