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“Concerning the music: these performers of the Sezione Aurea (…) are highly skilled on historical instruments (…) they are led by Luca Giardini who creates limpid and intimate sonorities without losing tonal substance, with good string ensemble work that contrasts well with soloist sections, all well balanced against the voices.

Luca del Fra, L’Unità 17 agosto 2013




“The spoken sound of the Ensemble Sezione Aurea led by Luca Giardini brings back to life a crucial opera after almost four centuries of unpardonable silence.”

Guido Barbieri, La Repubblica, 18 agosto 2013



Il Palazzo di Atlante_Ensemble Sezione Aurea2


“Sezione Aurea, true to its reputation, not only gave an affectionately historically informed  performance but also played with perfect intonation.”

Carla Moreni, Il sole 24 ore, 25 agosto 2013